The place that comforts you is the place that imprisons you.

A comfort zone is where you’re free of anxiety or tension.

A place where you believe you belong.

A place where you feel safe emotionally.

We all know what we’re comfortable with and we all know what we’re not. When you try to get out of your comfort zone, it stimulates negative creativity. You get “avoid ideas”. You get ideas about, “Why I shouldn’t be here. Why I can’t do this. Why I should go back”. Back to what you feel comfortable with. Back to the way you’re supposed to be.

Your sub-conscious is at its creative best figuring out how to get you back to your comfort zone and keep you safe.

Your comfort zone isn’t always a “comfortable” place though. Sometimes you just feel safe because you’re too scared to go anywhere else. Fear is the #1 reason why we don’t get out of our uncomfortable zones. Fear and his two buddies, Failure and Regret. Fear of the unknown.

Ask yourself this question;

“Where have I allowed myself to become uncomfortably comfortable”?

It could be in a relationship, your career, socially, environmentally, recreationally - we’ve created comfort zones for ourselves everywhere.

We have all tried to force ourselves out of our comfort zone with discipline, determination or will-power. If you were tough enough, you stayed there but most times that approach doesn’t work.

There’s a better way. The better way is, don’t go there until you take yourself there safely in your mind.


You need to construct affirmations to give you the vision.

Visualize yourself going socially where you won’t let yourself go.

Visualize yourself getting a job where you wouldn’t let yourself get the job.

Visualize yourself on the podium at the Olympics.

You need to see yourself into the future and feel the emotion.


Use your affirmations over and over and over until you become so familiar with your new environment that your fear is overwhelmed by the new emotion associated with your vision.

Make your desired zone more familiar than your comfort zone.