If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hands

Human beings are Teleological. We’re goal oriented, we need new goals, or we default back to the old goal. We need to make the new goal stronger than the old goal. You attract what you think about.

How do we make the new goal stronger – with imagination, with emotion, with repetition!

Imagination x Vividness = Reality (IxV=R)

Imagination, the thoughts we have about an event (past, present or future) and the self-talk we are using to describe that event gives us a mental picture.

Vividness, by vividness I mean when we get a clear, mental picture, with emotion, and the picture and emotion is repeated.

Reality. This vision then becomes our reality. Not the real reality but the reality that we create in our subconscious memory. The reality that programs our RAS and to some degree, our reptile brain. This created reality is also responsible for our identity.

See yourself in the future – What does it look like when its fixed? – imagine yourself already there.

What does it feel like emotionally? In order to visualise your future strongly enough to invoke an emotion you must make it as real as possible.

Use all of your senses.

· Imagine what it looks like (in a moving picture if you can) in full colour.

· Imagine what it sounds like. (make those sounds familiar)

· Imagine what it feels like to touch (cold, hot, soft, hard, physical feelings that invoke emotions)

· Imagine what it tastes like, what it smells like. (These two senses can be so powerful to bring back memories and emotions)

Now imagine, and allow yourself to feel the emotion of your vision.

The law of attraction suggests that you attract to yourself what you think about all day. The “all day” part is the secret.

It’s no good just doing it once, you must repeat it over and over and over to replace the old goal with the new. The old reality with the new reality. Your old identity with your new identity.