You draw to yourself only what you feel worthy to receive.

What I know about self-worth or self-esteem is that you draw to yourself what you feel worthy of receiving. So, if in your mind, your self-appraisal is “I’m not worthy of that. It’s too good for me”, and opportunity comes your way, you subconsciously push it away.

You don’t know you’re doing it.

Too often when we’ve done well, and people compliment us we tend to act like we’re not worthy of the praise. The problem with that is we don’t let the feeling of achievement become part of our identity.

You know it’s OK to know you’re OK.

It’s OK to feel worthy.

It’s OK to have a high self-esteem, a high feeling of self-worth.

It’s not just OK, it’s essential.

We have to learn how to accept compliments. When someone gives you a compliment, don’t shrug it off. You simply have to say, “thank you”, but (to yourself), you must give yourself a fist pump and say, “YES!” “I am good”. “I am a winner”. Feel good about it and allow your subconscious to store that emotion away in your identity.


With your own self-talk. You have to learn how to give yourself compliments. Look at yourself in the mirror every day, wink and say, “How you doin’!” Grooming and dressing well is a great way to start your day, even if you’re not going out. Do it for you.

You have to learn how to give compliments to others. By giving compliments to others, you are helping them to build their self-worth. The law of attraction will guarantee that you receive what you give.

Make it a habit, no make it part of your identity to be a “complimentor”, a payer of compliments. Find the good in others and tell them. It’s amazing how much difference this one small thing can make to your life.

If you’re a complimentor and what you do is compliment people, what you wouldn’t do is:

· You wouldn’t be critical of people.

· You wouldn’t belittle people.

· You wouldn’t be sarcastic.

People who are sarcastic, who criticise, who belittle, are trying to devalue others. They’re usually people with such low self-worth that instead of trying to build themselves up, they try to pull you down to their level. They are trying to devalue your self-worth, don’t let them.

Don’t do it to yourself either.