Sharing my lived experience

Meet Col

I’m a #1 Best-Selling author, Motivational Speaker, Peer Mentor, and Loving Husband.

Let me share with you, my 8 keys to Meaningful & Sustainable Change.
Identity - Thought Power - Visualisation - Belief - Self Worth - Comfort Zones - Self Talk - Ownership.

Let me share with you, how your current thoughts and your self-talk determine your future.

Let me share with you, my experiences over the last 40 years living with a spinal cord injury. The highlights, the lowlights, the inbetweenlights.

Let me share with you, the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

You’ll probably laugh.
You’ll probably cry too.

But you definitely won’t be bored.

You may even be inspired and motivated.










Peter Darley

General Manager simPRO Australia

We brought Col in to speak to our people, and speak he did. I have never been so moved, motivated by Cols never say die attitude and how he resonates with life. If you want a speaker that will really make you and your people think about their lives differently then this is your guy.

Paula Holden

Executive General Manager

People and Culture

A lovely and authentic approach to delivering a hard hitting message. Col supported a team building day with my senior leadership team. He weaved a very personal message which challenged us to explore what stops us from achieving whatever we want in life. Both through a personal and a work lense. As a speaker Col’s genuine approach helped frame the rest of our workshop and our change journey perfectly. I would recommend Col to anyone looking for a speaker to challenge the room on their attitude and approach to getting the results you want. Col’s 8 lets workshop was brilliant!

Will Barsby

National General Manager

Consumer Law Portfolio

Col is an exceptional public and motivational speaker. Col is raw, authentic, entertaining and leaves you feeling uplifted, energized and armed with tools to tackle personal and business hurdles. Highly recommend.